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IMO Regulations Implementation Report



IMO Survey Report - SnipThe tighter sulphur limit creates major ramifications for both the oil refining and shipping industries. Seeking to measure perceptions of how well these industries are adapting to this changing IMO regulatory regime, WRA recently conducted a survey of professionals within the refining and other industries. This Survey Report is a summary of the results, along with additional perspective from IMO and a consultant who closely tracks this evolving situation.

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The Egypt Downstream Summit and Exhibition Advisory Board Meeting 2016

Egypt’s refining and petrochemical industries are at the forefront of the government’s plans to get the energy sector on track, and following reforms to the fuel subsidies and devaluating the Egyptian pound, they are demonstrating their commitment to potential foreign investors.
With on-going and new projects in Egypt’s refining and petrochemical sector, opportunities are plentiful for investors.
It is against this backdrop that the 2nd Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition is being held with the support of Egypt’s downstream stakeholders.

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Asian Downstream Week 2016

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The steady decline in world crude oil prices from their highs of above $110 per barrel in mid – 2014, to the sub – $40 level – at the end of 2015 – is providing the Middle East’s downstream sector with an almost unprecedented opportunity to expand.

For decades, much of the focus within the region has been on the upstream oil and gas sector. But now, attention is turning to refined oil products and petrochemicals as the ability to benefit from better profit margins as cheaper feedstock becomes more evident.

Those Middle East oil companies that years ago had the foresight to invest heavily in the downstream sector, now find their decisions vindicated. In 2015, they were able to gain some partial relief from the collapse in crude oil revenue, through higher downstream margins.

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As the suppressed oil price becomes the new norm, the Middle East’s downstream operators face a new operating reality. The loss of feedstock competitiveness and capitalised margins, coupled with more pressing international standards and compliance has meant that the region strives to compensate for its loss of leverage by improving yields and becoming more sustainable. As such, new technology, investing in research and innovation are priorities.

We have created a report to enable you to better understand the current landscape of the GCC’s downstream sector.

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The Road To Recovery: North Africa’s Oil and Gas Industry

North Africa’s oil and gas sector has had some difficult times over the past decade. But despite that the region as a whole still remains in the top league of African oil and gas producers.

The challenges the region has had to grapple with include:
• Unfavourable tax laws that helped to weaken the investment climate
• A failure over decades to curb domestic energy consumption
• The retention of fuel subsidies
• The high-profile terrorist attack on Algeria’s Amenas gas plant, which exposed the region’s vulnerability

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Egypt is currently the largest oil producer in Africa outside of OPEC and the second largest natural gas producer after Algeria. Egypt, having already taken on a major role in international energy markets is now seeking to get its downstream industry back on track.

Egypt has great potential when it comes to refining and petrochemicals. It is an important transit route, offering great potential to become a hub for petroleum products. Nonetheless, since the Arab spring uprising of 2011 that saw the overthrowing of President Hosni Mubarak, great tolls have been taken on the domestic oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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The World Refining Association Advisory Board Meeting 2016

To ensure MERTC brings real value to the region’s refiners and petrochemical industries and acts as a platform to support their opportunities and challenges, the World Refining Association and Global Technology Forum, hosted the MERTC Advisory Board Meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Manama on the 29th August 2016.

The insights shared by the all the Advisory Board members were invaluable and fundamental for the development of the event and we are thankful for their commitment and input.

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Prospects and Realities for North Africa’s Downstream Development

This report collates insights from experts within in the region’s oil and gas industry to enable you to assess the risk vs. reward potential of investing in North Africa’s downstream industry.
The World Refining Association is committed to creating high quality, strategic and technical conferences across the globe. We also recognise your need for pioneering industry content throughout the year. It’s for this reason that World Refining Association has produced this report, to enable knowledge sharing and learning on a topic as important to the industry as this.

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2015 Global Economics & The Downstream Industry

During the past 12 months, prices in the $3-trillion-plus global downstream market have fallen 40% reaching the lowest level since June 2009, when global markets were recovering from the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers. Prices slid 14% month-over-month in January and have fallen a further 3% into February and March; continuing a six-month slide triggered by falling crude oil and Naphtha prices. By assembling insights from key refining and petrochemical companies globally, we have created an in-depth report to enable you to benchmark, analyse trends, learn from challenges being encountered in different regions and identify a strategy that can be implemented into your own business.

• The top challenges facing global downstream producers
• How the drop in crude oil prices is affecting companies investment strategies
• Which country will have the largest impact on supply and demand dynamics over the next two years

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Отчет по интеграции

Всемирная ассоциация по нефтепереработке рада представить Вашему вниманию отчет по интеграции, который поможет Вам сориентироваться в тенденциях индустрии, узнать о проблемах, с которыми сталкиваются операторы на сегодняшний день, и определить стратегию на будущее.
В отчете Вы найдете эксклюзивное интервью с Кенаном Явузом, генеральным директором, ГНКАР Турция, где он рассказывает об основных преимуществах интеграции и ключевых технологиях для достижения успеха.

Отчет также включает в себя:
• Бизнес кейс компании Total
• Обзор последних глобальных интеграционных проектов
• Результаты нашего исследования глобальной интеграции
• Эксклюзивные интервью с компаниями : UOP, СНГ и ORPIC
• Рекомендации для компаний, планирующих интеграционные проекты

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Significance of operational excellence on securing the future of downstream operations

Since June 2014 when world crude oil prices began their inexorable
slide towards $50 per barrel both international oil companies (IOCs) and
national oil companies (NOCs) have been in engaged in a desperate battle
to keep their heads above water.
Furthermore, in an attempt to save their bottom line, many have redirected their focus towards downstream.
However, this – at best – has provided only a temporary respite. Indeed, the latest indications are that a number of factors in the second half of this
year point to tougher times ahead for the refined products sector. These
include a rash of announced new downstream projects in the Middle East
and a downturn in the Chinese economy that was capped by a surprise
devaluation of the Chinese Renminbi currency in August.

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The Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition Advisory Board Meeting 2015

The World Refining Association gathered 26 stakeholders in Egypt’s refining and petrochemical industry for the Inaugural Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition Advisory Board meeting.

The objective of the advisory board meeting was to discuss the key challenges, themes and opportunities that will make up the agenda for the inaugural Egypt Downstream Summit taking place in February next year.

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Fact Sheet Somalia Minerals

Somalia’s mineral potential was not adequately explored, mapped nor surveyed properly. Since colonial and post-independence time, the country remains to be one of final frontiers that will offer opportunities and surprises to companies that venture into. At present, the demand for certain minerals is high, and therefore, due to that the market prices are high.

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North Africa Survey Report 2014

In North Africa, cooperation is enabling companies to remain competitive and add value to their existing operations. By collating insights from all the key pioneering companies in the region, we have created an in depth report to enable you to benchmark, analyse trends, learn from issues encountered to date, evaluate the decisions behind operations and identify a strategy that can be implemented into your own business.

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Black Sea Oil and Gas Report 2015

Please fill in the form below to download the full Black Sea Oil and Gas Report:

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European Security of Supply Report

Based on an evaluation of Somalia’s deposits, experts believe there are countless opportunities for potential investors in Somalia’s mineral resources. Prospective minerals include gold, bauxite, cement, uranium and tin, and the industry is now ready to acquire the necessary data to extract them.

The World Refining Association and the Somali Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources have recently commissioned the Somalia Minerals Fact Sheet. The report is an assessment of Somalia’s mineral potential, based on previous geological surveys and comparative analysis to its geologically similar nations.

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Somalia Oil Deliveries Report

In October 2014 Somalia’s then Minister for Petroleum & Mineral Resources asserted that Somalia would be ready to provide commercial oil deliveries as early as 2020. Following this bold and ambitious claim, The World Refining Association has commissioned a report to analyse what Somalia’s resource potential is, and how safe the country really is to explore.

By collating insights from key industry experts and key stakeholders in East Africa, the report recognises the progress that Somalia’s energy industry has made in the last few years, and examines the steps Somalia will have to make to hit the 2020 target.

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The future for Egypt’s oil and gas industry

Egypt is currently the largest oil producer in Africa outside of OPEC and the second largest gas producer, after Algeria. This report collates insights from key stakeholders in country’s oil and gas industry to enable you to assess the risk vs.reward potential of investing in Egypt.

This report includes:

  • An expert insight on the next steps that need to be taken by Egypt to increase production.
  • A roundtable discussion on the potential of Egypt to become a regional gas hub
  • An interview with Waleed Abukishk, Shell Egypt on the current challenges and opportunities of operating in the region.
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Madagascar extractive industries poised for a big leap forward

Following Madagascar’s presidential and parliamentary elections held in late 2013, Madagascar’s socio-political turbulence is abating, and its government is preparing to exploit its abundant and diversified natural resources. The Petroleum and Mining industry of Madagascar is now carrying out major structural changes to Madagascar’s regulatory framework to attract international investment.

When will the last frontier of the last frontier achieve its considerable potential?

World Refining Association has created a report to enable you to investigate the potential of Madagascar’s extractive. This report includes:

  • An analysis of the country’s current economic and political environment
  • An overview of Madagascar’s mineral and hydrocarbon potential
  • A SWOT analysis of Madagascar as an investment destination
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